I have a Food Hygiene Certificate and a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating from my local authority which enables me to prepare food for the children in my care.   I ensure that I fully comply with all current legislation.

My personal preference is to offer home cooked healthy options as opposed to processed food in my setting and I believe a balanced healthy nutritious diet is essential to all children in my care and teach the children accordingly about diets and associated benefits.  I actively encourage all parents to be involved in their child’s healthy eating regime and offer the parents any advice I can to improve their child’s diet and am available to discuss any dietary related issues as necessary.  I also actively encourage children to help and learn in the kitchen according to their age and ability whenever possible.

Other dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, medically required diets (such as coeliac and dairy free) and cultural wishes are also catered for.


Normally I provide food for all the children within my care, but if a parent wishes then they may supply all the food needed for their child.

Fresh drinking water is available and accessible at all times.  Each child has their own drinking cup (never shared) and I do not allow fizzy drinks within my setting.

Parents will need to provide adequate sterilised bottles and forumula (if appropriate).

Meals are offered to children depending on their hours within my care.  Examples of menus available include the following:-



Toast (wholemeal or white bread) – alone or with jam, marmite, etc 

Eggs (scrambled, poached or boiled) / Omlette / Pancakes

Cereal (several options available including weetabix and porridge)

Yoghurt / Fresh fruit (variable according to season)



Sandwiches (wholemeal or white bread) / Rolls / Pitta Bread /

Crumpets / Muffins / Scotch Pancakes / Malt Loaf

Fillings for the above could include: meat, cheese, salad, jam, marmite

Home-made bread / home-made rolls

Yoghurt / Raisins

Fresh fruit (variable according to season)

Cheese (squares or chunks – from block of cheese rather than processed pre-bought strips

Strips/batons of cucumber, carrot, pepper, etc / Cherry tomatoes

Items such as crisps, biscuits and cakes may occasionally be offered, but not  routinely – healthier versions when offered (ie baked biscuits, fruit bars, fruit flakes)



(Served at 5pm, with weekly menu given in advance to parents, wherever possible eating as a family) 

Options may include some of the following:-


Roast Dinner (chicken or pork) / Stir Fry

Shepherds Pie / Lasange / Meat Pie / Fish Pie

Spaghetti Bolognese/ Stews

Salad / Flan / Quiche / Frittata

Curry with rice / Chilli Con Carne



Fresh fruit (variable according to season)

Vegetable sticks such as cucumber, carrots, celery

Rice cakes


Other items from the lunch menu