The following have been taken from references supplied by former parents - they can be viewed in full at the setting:

clearly combines an extremely professional way of interacting with parents, with kindness and fun shown to the children’ ‘communication has been excellent – the daily diary is the first thing I read when I get home from work at night and gives me an insight into his day with a good level of detail’ ’We really appreciated the regular meetings where Tara gave up her evening to come to our home and do an oral review of our son’s progress, talking us through the paperwork that detailed his development’ ‘To my mind, this level of care and communication was above and beyond what was required and we really appreciated it’ ‘Confidentiality and discretion were very important to me …. Tara respected this …. She refrains from gossip and is utterly professional in her dealings with families’

‘the communication provided by Tara is incomparable to any other setting you could find’ 'her flexibility and desire to meet my needs regarding my son's care and development has gone far above and beyond what you would receive from a daycare or any other childminder'

'the playroom is a child's dream filled with toys, books, crafts and countless tools to enhance my son's imagination. Her garden is the perfect playground for young children and is safe and clean'


'pay high attention not just to the children in their care at any given time but also to the confidentiality of any information given to them'


'her social skills and development milestones have been improved by her being within the setting and she has learnt some wonderful skills from Tara'


'childcare setting and etiquette provided flexible and holistic care, supporting them in their personal, social and educational needs'


'flexible service which is very difficult to find and as doctors working shifts we have found this to be invaluable'

‘she got to play with both younger and older children which is reminiscent of a family environment that that’s what I wanted for x.  Young children can be institutionalised too young and playing with older children can spur on their development as they aspire to be like the older children and on the other hand playing with younger children helps them to understand the capabilities of others and bring out their nurturing side’ ‘encouraged her speech development, learning of numbers, letters and writing’ ‘always been flexible if I needed her to cover extra days and is 100% reliable’ ‘complete confidence in her extensive experience that she could calmly deal with any situation that presented itself’ ‘cannot fault the care she gave to x’


'Tara's communication was amazing and this was really important to me.  I was kept updated with entries in the diary which we would both contribute to.  I was able to write about x's development and things we had done together as a family so that Tara didn't miss anything.  Equally the entries from Tara gave me a clear insight into x's days and what she had done - this was very detailed and always lovely to read'


'Tara has a very professional approach to her childminding service.  X's learning needs and developmental milestones have always been met and recorded and the time and detail that is put into this part of Tara's job always amazes me.  I have really valued finding such an honest and trustworthy childminder. X has thrived in her care and I will always be incredibly grateful to Tara for her support during my return to work.  It has been invaluable to find such a fantastic settting where I could leave x in the confidence that he will be given the time and support he needed, even when I had to work very long hours.  Unfortunately due to work committments we are having to move away from Bury St Edmunds and are very sad that we will no longer be able to utilize Tara's fantastic childcare facilities'


'We were extremely lucky to have found Tara to look after our daughter and we were very sorry to leave due to relocating to another county.  She is flexible and provides an outstanding service - thoroughly deserves her 'outstanding' grades from Ofsted.  Tara is meticulous and organised, with an amazing attention to detail.  We have no hesitation in recommending Tara to other parents who are seeking excellent, flexible and reliable childminding service'