For many parents finding the 'right' type of childcare can be a daunting and difficult choice in today's market.  In my personal opinion as a childminder I believe I can offer (as opposed to a nursery or pre-school environment):


- A home from home environment

- To be part of our 'family' whilst your child is with us

- A high quality dedicated playroom and garden area (incluidng undercover section for all year round

  play) equivalent to/above nursery facilities but as part of our home

- A place for siblings to also be cared for together 

- No staff turnover (no change of key worker as that is always me)

- The use of assistants (if necessary) to assist with shift cover and to allow parents to add extra hours to

   their basic contract if they wish (only assistants are my family)

- Flexible opening hours (shift patterns, ad hoc care and extra hours can be accommodated)

- Daily routines tailored to suit each child (if you child is hungry or tired its not a 'problem' here)

- Young babies routines are kept to (I adapt to the child, they are not expected to fit into my routines) 

- Work in close partnership with parents to ensure that each child gets the best possible care

- If a child has a specific interest it can be followed (we are only limited by our imagination and plans are

  regularly changed or adapted to follow a child's interests - individuality is built upon)

- Lower ratios (no movement through 'rooms' as a child grows and lower risks with Covid)

- More One to one care

- A mix of ages is a positive - children learn from each other as they all develop at different rates

- Plans can be changed or adapted anytime

- Each child is unique and an individual and is treated as such (not just a number in a large group)

- The quieter and less confident children find it easier to 'shine' in a small setting

- A unique and very comprehensive Learning Journey (memory book) tailored to each child (parents are

  actively encouraged to share home life which can be noted within the book and creates an amazing book over

  time that is the child's to keep when they leave)

- Usually only one child toilet training at any one time (not so distruptive as in a larger setting)

- Regular discussions to discuss a child's progress and Learning Journey (memory book) (lovely to have

   conversations with both parents and we have 'time' to chat in detail if we are able to meet up too)

- Large amounts of photographs detailing your child's time with me

- Indepth and regular observations recorded 

- Whatsapp updates

- Monthly Newsletters

- A childminder can visit local playgroups and parks (not possible in other settings)

- Confidentiality is always respected

- As a childminder I am follow exactly the same EYFS guidance and paperwork as both a nursery and playgroup

  (something many parents do not realise - and we are equally professional and often more highly experienced

  and qualified than some nursery staff)