Below is an extremely comprehensive list of policies, which may seem quite daunting.  For me, they cover every eventuality and every question anyone may have about my childminding business.  The Policies are set out in alphabetical order for ease of reference.


All parents/carers are given access to my Policy Folder before a child starts at my setting and we discuss the contents of the Folder in as much detail as the parent/carer wishes.  All parents/carers are requested to sign a Policy Consent Form which states that they are aware of this file.  Parents/carers are also given copies of any statutory policies under the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage as well as any other policies relevant to each individual family if they so wish.  These Policies are replaced when updated, changes in legislation occur or statutory policies or new policies are added as per my Policy and Consent Forms Policy.  My Policy Folder is available for any parent/carer to view at any time they wish and policies are reviewed regularly.


What is a Policy?


A Policy is a document about a certain subject stating what I would do in that situation or what I would expect from a parent/carer.


Why Do I Have Policies For Childminding?


  • As evidence for Ofsted and for ‘good practice’ standards

  • To enable me to review my setting and to make amendments if various situations occur

  • To have a comprehensive framework to cover every aspect of my childminding business

  • To help you understand how my childminding business works

  • To answer your questions

  • To act as a guide if a difference of opinion occurs

  • To help ensure that I work with parents/carers to achieve the best for their child

  • To offer safeguards for myself, my family, any child or parent/carer




Absent Child Policy

Admissions and Collections (Daily) Policy

Admissions (Setting) Policy

Alcohol and Other Substances Policy

Assistant Policy

Asthma Policy

Babies Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Biting Policy

Bullying Policy

Care, Learning and Play Policy

Child Not Collected Policy

Childminder Medical Condition Policy

Clothing and Belongings Policy

Communication Policy

Complaints Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Conjunctivitis Policy

Data Protection Act Policy

Early Years Funding Policy

Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety Policy

Emergency Procedures Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Escorting Children to the Toilet Policy

Head Lice Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Health Care Plan Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Holidays Policy

Hygiene Policy

Language Policy

Leaving My Setting Policy

Lost/Missing Child Policy

Medical Emergencies Policy

Medical/Sickness Procedures Policy

Nappy Changing and Toilet/Potty Training Policy

Networking Policy

Ofsted Notification Policy

Outings Policy

Payment Procedure Policy

Personal Possessions Policy

Photographs Policy

Physical Contact and Restraint

Planning and Observations Policy

Policy and Consent Forms Policy

Progress Check Policy (2 Year Progress Check)

Ratios and Variations Policy (including overnight care)

Rest and Quiet Times Policy


Risk Assessment Policy

Safeguarding Children Policy

Sandpit Policy

Smoking and Vaping Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy

Sun Cream Policy

Supporting A Child Through Loss or Change Policy

Toys and Equipment Policy

Travel In A Vehicle Policy

Unforeseen Circumstances Policy

Vaccination Policy

Visitors Policy

Weather Conditions Policy

Working Hours Policy

Working In Partnership Policy

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