Each day within the setting is different depending on the age of the children present and how they feel each day. Our days are relaxed and fun with a mix of both adult and child led activities (as required by the EYFS).  Children are able to self-select from a wide range of resources and activities are planned around current festivals, seasons and interests and each child's general development (next steps of learning).


A 'typical' day at TotalCare Childminding would currently be:


AM:     Breakfast (if required)


            Free Play


            Snack Time 


            Planned Activity (or outing)


            Free Play / Story Time



PM:     Lunch (11.30-12.30)


            A mix of nap time for the younger / focussed adult led activity for the older 


            Free Play


            Snack Time 


            Activity / Free Play / Story Time


 Dinner (if required at 5pm)



If your child sleeps during the day then this will be taken into account regarding any daily plans to allow your child’s routine to be kept in place, wherever possible.